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two thousand and five

31 March
Ok, all the photos are there now. Sadly my digital ones were heaps better... and cheaper. Stupid film. STUPID FILM! It seems no one will develop film anymore either. I had to go to a local place who ripped me off... but gave me a kicky plastic watch. Kicky. I can't figure out how to change the time on it though. Anyway... go look at my photos and sign the guestbook and tell me how cool Karekare beach looks. GO ON! GO!

30 March
Well, for those of you who noticed I was gone... I'm back. Back in Wellington. Back, yet this time I come wielding a cold. And the miserable weather is not helping my mood.

Where was I? I was in Christchurch for REM, in New Plymouth for REM, in Auckland for Karekare beach fun... and... in between for the sake of getting from point A to point B. Road trips do rule, but when you're constantly driving through patches of torrential rain, it can get pretty tedious.

I put photos up... some pxts and some proper photos. I still have 2 films to develop (none of them are of REM though unfortunately because I didn't take a camera either time), so there will be more to add... which may thrill someone, somewhere. Feast your eyes upon the visual splendor that the North Island has to offer... and cast your eyes over the delights of what Australia has to offer in the form of my delightful partner in crime.

16 March
I saw my happy little fighting couple again canoodling in the same park the other night. Young love. So sweet. I also lost a frisbee in a tree. That park is cursed.

I always thought that people who worked in music stores were the biggest know-it-alls in the world (and secretly love it and long to be one of them... go WINZ go!). It seems a new bred of pet store clerks have taken over in the quest for most arrogant assistance providers. Well, I had to replace the frisbee (or Fly-Do... cute no?) so I went to the Real Groovy of the pet store world... Animates. I'm sorry, but a black labrador, as beautiful as it is should NOT cost nearly 900 dollars. I got my little bundle of fluffy smelly doggy love for 100 bucks. Much like an "imported" copy of Wellwater Conspiracy should not cost 45 dollars. It too, is a MUTT.

Er, anyway. I just find that the way in which they regurgitate information that other, smarter people have given them in such an obnoxious manner left it so it took me all my decency not to ram a "Puppy Kong" up this person's arse. I'm buying a fucking frisbee. I don't need a lecture on what will make my dog overweight and give her di-dies. That's what we pay the aforementioned VET for. Certainly not for her witty repartee. I don't need your opinion on why dogs should only be allowed one bone per fortnight. I don't care about puppy food. She's 2 years old. I don't need tips on her breeds behaviour. All I need you to do is swipe the little barcode and not give me attitude when I try to select CHQ on my credit card.

I ask you, does this look like a troubled dog?

9 March

So anyway, while walking my dog tonight I came across two "young adults" having a scrap in a dark dark corner of a park walkway. He was grabbing her arm and pushing her against a railing, and she was screaming and yelling "KILL ME THEN!"

Being the brave young lady that I am, I squeaked out a hearty "Oi" which went unnoticed. So I used my super mean tough gangsta voice and yelled "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" which got his attention.

He put his arm around her and led her away. I asked if she was ok and she said she was fine. Umm... ok.

As they walked away arm in arm, I crept like a stealthy warrior in the shadows along a path through the park, keeping an eye on them as they walked up towards the main road... just incase my shaking legs (from having to use my outdoor voice) stopped and I had to fly to her aid using my dog's retractable leash Ninja-style on his ass. They started scrapping again and she was yelling at him about something and he took off down the street, with her sprinting after him. He disappeared, leaving her alone under a street light.

A few minutes later I passed her on the corner and she smiled at me weakly asking someone on her phone to pick her up.

I walked off with my dog who surely would have come to MY aid had this guy not been afraid of me for some reason (must have been my use of the word fuck...) thinking about Police 10-7, or... actually... Crimewatch ("Is it Crimewatch time again? Gosh, didn't that month just fly by?!") and what brilliantly cutting remark I would have made had this guy not been a little sissy bitch.

Anyway, half an hour later I saw them again holding hands. Whatever floats your boat.

8 March
The ridiculousness just goes on and on and on. My boss overheard me telling someone I wanted him to be hit in a drive by. Ha... ha... whoops.

We went to see the Violent Femmes last weekend. Once again... BAD SMELLY CROWD... and why in God's name would you think it was a good idea to hurl full bottles of water at the band? I mean... if I'm given water at a concert I... drink it. Maybe I'm old fasioned. Maybe I'm a fuddy duddy. Maybe hitting the 7 foot tall giant gingerbread man bass player in the chest with your bottle is the essence of rock n roll.

I got his pick too. This pales slightly in comparison to my friend who got to play on stage with Green Day and keep Billy Joe's guitar. Especially when you consider that pick was unused.

I'm absolutely fucking desperate for accomodation in New Plymouth in a couple of weeks. Who'd have thought REM would be so popular with the kids? I can't get a motel anywhere in Taranaki. I'm even contemplating driving down to Wanganui after the show to sleep. You could blame me for leaving it until the last minute. You could. If you were that kind of person.

The urge to listen to REM's new album just isn't there. I listened to it up until Q-Tip started rapping. I have to force myself. I'm paying hundreds of dollars to see a band play twice and I look upon listening to their new album as an arduous homework task. Ahh well, who cares? It's REM.

That's about enough excitement out of me I think.

28 February
So, while watching McLeod's Daughters last week (oohhhh swoooooooon), enjoying every second of Dave the vet... I couldn't help but feel wistful. I wish MY dog's vet was sexy and lanky and blonde. No. NO NO! We get stuck with someone with no social skills when it comes to fellow humans and the inability to look you in the eye.

I stayed up until 2am painting and watching Lord of the Rings. Go look at it. It's a flower. Everyone asks me for flowers. One day someone will show interest in my demonic looking dolls. One day.

27 February
Well they always used to say that you could get sunburned in a bad way when it's overcast. You know. It's really really true. I look like Milton from Office Space. Sigh.

And this is just my arm. My face! MY VALUABLE FACE!

They don't come much whiter than me. Now they don't come much pinker.

Apart from the burning skin pain I'm experiencing right now (in the part of my hair too... waaaaugh) I did enjoy most of what the Cuba Street Carnival had to offer. Mainly the Phoenix Foundation and the way little kids were going off dancing and flapping their little arms in time to the music. Some poor judgement in the middle of the afternoon has me a bit fuzzy about pretty much everything between SJD and the beginning of Kora, but I know I enjoyed them both.

And to think I smirked at the girl wearing the sombrero on the bus! Sigh.

24 February
Every day I seem to get hits on this site from people searching for photos of Eddie Vedder's daughter Olivia. SUCKERS! The best I have to offer is a painting of Eddie as Sandy! HA!

Cuba Street carnival this weekend. I hope it doesn't rain like it did last year. I nearly lost an eye due to reckless umbrella use.

One more month till REM! I bought our plane tickets to Christchurch last night. Whoo!

22 February
Well, I went to see the Shins play last night. The singer looked like Lester Burnham mixed with Bert (from Bert and Ernie fame) but has the voice of an angel. But... maybe I should have just said "and". Ahh well.

The only problems I had were that I was really aware of how fucking FOUL people smell at concerts, which makes the creepy warmth of little 18 year old bodies that little bit more creepy. Me? I smell like sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Plus, I saw some people I knew a couple of years ago and while I remember his name... her name was just nowhere to be recalled. So I spent the better part of the Shins' set racking my tired old brain for the name... oh fuck! It just came to me then. Wow. Writing IS therapeutic.

Missed most of Julia Deans' set but what I did hear was fabulous. But the Furs wont be back in Wellington for at least a "few months".

18 February
Last night the lovely Andrew from Fur Patrol graced us with his presence for coffee and an interview. I lie. I had a coke.

The subject of "dreams" came up. His was to support Swervedriver one day... which he did with Fur Patrol. Dawn's was to one day interview Michael Stipe. She did that in 2003, less than a year after leaving Journalism School.

I have no dreams it seems. Least none that are likely to come true. No no. My dream was to interview Andrew Bain.

Yes. Yes that'll do.

I really should look into that. How can I truly be a failure if I don't set goals!?

I've been listening to a lot of Bright Eyes lately. I'm so emo!

16 February
Who saw the news last night? The "backless".. er.. "panties"?? *so unclean...* Most hilarious thing on the news in a long time just because the sheer mechanics of the things is mind boggling. And really, I think we'd all rather see people's undies than their butt cracks. But cmon! The lady talking about them!

Her name was Amanda Crack.

Ha ha. It had to be a joke.

10 February

Excitement overload!

McLeod's Daughters... my dirty little secret passion is coming back!


I can see cleaaaaaaaaarly noooow the raaaain has gooooone..

9 February
Every time I walk up Willis Street to get to work, I look at the Settlement Cafe and I shake my head.

You know how it's always empty? You know why it's always empty?

I went there with a co-worker a couple of weeks ago because we were all Epic'ed out ("Hey! We could make this our NEW cafe!")... ANYWAY... I ordered a fruit salad. It cost me $4.

It was from a can.

At least it wasn't one of the cans with those yucky bright red cherries though I guess.

So, while picking through the vast array of shitty, shitty photos to add to this site just for the sake of adding SOMETHING, I came across this little gem...

A while back now, maybe in 2002, I was a paying member of the VHC... the Ten Club... the Pearl Jam fan club (oh to hell with it, I am a member). Every 6 months or so they hold a competition. This one was to win a signed concert ukelele from Ed Vedder's collection. What you had to do was, create a painting of a ukelele... post it in... and Bob's your uncle.

Well shit...

How did this beauty not win?!

By the way, that's Eddie Vedder, NOT Olivia Newton-John.

6 February
Happy Waitangi Day. Why the fuck don't I get a day off?!

Yesterday it was so hot I left the house once. I took Finn to the vet for her annual vaccinations and check up and of all the places to be, a tiny, windowless vet examination room with no ventilation wasn't high on my list. Finn slid down to the cool lino flooring and wiggled like a mudskipper (wiggled?) nose first into a bag of cat food.

It was too hot for her as well. Here she is under a curtain.

Sucks to be really hairy I guess.

4 February
I can't stop listening to the song "Stella Was a Diver and She's Always Down" by Interpol. It's fantastic. I know I'm a bit late jumping on the old Interpol bandwagon... well, I'd hardly say I'm on the bandwagon. I only have songs that someone from work put on a CD for me... but this song is just enchanting.

You know how if you're really uncool and unhip, like say... me, you watch some amazing movie based in another decade... with an incredible soundtrack (like Donnie Darko) and you fall in love with the songs from the 80s? Songs you vaguely knew and should probably have heard in their entirity PRIOR to seeing the movie? So you walk away from watching them singing "Killing Moon" or something and you feel like you've been missing out and you wish you were a depressed teenager in the mid 80s? Yeah. Me too. Anyway... this song by Interpol sounds like one of those amazingly influential dark side of the 80s type songs. The classic you should have known but didn't. Even though it was put out in 2002 or something.

If this song was around then it would have been in a John Hughes movie. Right as Bender or Jake or whatever the fuck that guys name was in Pretty In Pink... (and no, I don't mean Duckie. Bless him) walked off into the sunset as the credits rolled.

Anyway, it's a great song and I'm loving it.

3 February
It was something crazy like 29 degrees today in Wellington. Of course today our air conditioning stopped working. We only have ONE window in our office. ONE WINDOW! Then, as if the air conditioning wasn't cruel enough, it started leaking. And not just the incessant drops of last week, this time it was a steady flow.

On closer inspection they found that the "repair" men had put a fucking bucket up there to stop the drips. It nearly overflowed on my computer's plugs. I could have fried! I COULD HAVE DROWNDED GILBERT!

I tell ya, it's good times working for WINZ.

2 February
That look Matthew Perry does when he's trying to be all coy gives me the creeps.

I added a bunch of crap... mainly photos of things here and there, from Wellington to Auckland. Exciting no?

30 January
Yeah I watched 4 hours of wrestling today. What of it?

Right now I'm watching Wave Aid on Sky Box Office. Now, tell me... Where in God's name did Daniel Johns from silverchair get that body? Since when did being married to Natalie Imbruglia turn you into Dave Navarro? Hmm. I'm not sure if that's a compliment anymore. The 15 year old in me says it is. Daniel Johns isn't supposed to be sexy. He's supposed to be all sad, ever so creepily Hanson looking and in need of a cuddle.

...Ugh. I'm really only mentally 14 years old here and yes, despite my incredible coolness and shit, I still have the old soft spot for silverchair. WHAT OF IT!? They were the first band I ever saw live (nearly 10 years ago... eep) and even though I tried to wean myself off them and pretend like it never happened... I can't help it. It's his voice. I'm sorry. But we all need our secret shames. And now.........


He's no Neil Finn though...

P.S. I'm not usually such a pervert, but I've been watching WRESTLING and if anything turns me into a pervert it's that.

29 January
You know what sucks? I only recently noticed this so I dunno how long ago they did it, or if anything has recently been changed, but this building... my own personal favourite schizophrenic building...

... has been repainted!

They've painted the entire thing grey. GREY! The humanity.

28 January
Last night I innocently wandered into my room and innocently switched on the television.

An ad came on where a woman was struggling with a pottery wheel. Her pesky vases kept collapsing! Man, sometimes things, they just aint easy! Not everything in life is easy to control. Day after day in pottery class she fails. She loses at life.


She pops a pill. Because in this day and age a woman has GOT to have control of her vaginal thrush!

I'm sorry, but this ads purpose threw me more than even that awesome KY Warming Liquid ad. Or the old flacid men frolicking on the beach with their life partners.

27 January
Today a waterfall hit my work computer. It was exciting and I spent the last 3 and a half hours of my day watching the air conditioning repair man alternate between scratching his arse and scratching his head in confusion. Given that it's the 3rd time that it's happened, you'd think they'd, oh... I dunno. Fix it. Or something. I put photos up and art stuff up and links. Mainly this is lame. Hopefully soon there'll be contributions by someone a lot more talented and interesting than me.

25 January
I've had the past week off work. Mainly to go to Big Day Out. In the remaining time I have been bored and I have troooolllllled the internet looking for something to numb this boredom. It's been raining and I haven't yet had the opportunity to scrape the dead bugs from my cars windows. Man those things explode. Anyway, I came across lots of pretty sites and I realised that despite the fact that I haven't paid for the next 6 months of this webspace, I haven't actually USED it yet. Apart from the Fur Patrol site... which I promise will get more interesting one day.

Anyway, I got photos back from Big Day Out today (I can't believe I paid 40 bucks for a bunch of blurry out of focus shit... maybe I should learn how to operate a camera?) and in the pile of photos were photos from the Breeders gig at Indigo in February 2003. I have backlog! So, I thought I should maybe use this webspace instead of wasting money. And that... is why I did this. Too much time on my hands.